Beech Wood Holiday Cottage in Staffordshire

Address:Stockton Brook Waterworks, ST9 9NU Send an email
Telephone:01782 502237 and mobile - 07772457080 Visit website
Location:Beech Wood is located at Stockton Brook Waterworks  
Price:£375 - £625  

Beech Wood at Stockton Brook Waterworks

To the right of Lime Trees, this house is named after the cathedral like Beech trees in the wood behind the magnificent Victorian Waterworks, the original building on the site. Now decommissioned there are exciting plans for it's future. Beech Wood has a similar interior to Lime Trees, different fabrics and paintings but the same homely comforts. The paved area behind both houses has a removable fence so if requested people can share.


Stockton Brook Waterworks photoStockton Brook Waterworks photo


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